Guide for Authors

Guide for Authors


Thank you for choosing to submit your paper to us. Please take the time to read and follow the instructions as closely as possible, as doing so will ensure your paper matches the journal’s requirements.

  1. In conformity with the University of Isfahan’s regulations, articles must be submitted by faculty members. For articles derived from dissertations, the supervisor is expected to be the corresponding author.  
  2. Please note that corresponding author must use his/her institution email address.
  3. Please make sure that no changes to the order of authors, affiliations and authors’ information is accepted after submitting your paper. (Graduate students must ensure their universities regulations in advance of submission.)
  4. Please note that you cannot submit a new article if you still have one in this journal without final decision.
  5. At the time of submission, the following files should be supplied.
    • Manuscript. This file should be anonymized, and the file name should also preserve your anonymity.
    • Manuscript (in PDF). This file should be anonymized, and the file name should also preserve your anonymity.
    • Conflict of interest. This file can be downloaded here and you are required to fill out this form.
    • Transfer of Copyright Agreement: This file can be downloaded here and you are required to fill out this form.
  6. Authors’ agreement form: provided as an online compliance checklist is supposed to be completed while submitting the manuscript.
  7. At the point of submission, authors’ affiliations should be provided in the following order. Department, Faculty, University (Institution), City, Country

Central Subjects:

  Literary Arts journal invites interested investigators in the following topics to send papers and to be evaluate and published:

  1. Persian Grammar

  2. Historical Grammar

  3. Rhetoric

  4. Stylistics

  5. History of Literature

  6. Literary Criticism

  7. Prosody and rhyme

  8. Phiology

Paper Guideline and acceptance conditions Journal of Research- Scientific


  Literary Arts at University of Isfahan: Biannual Journal of Literary Arts publishes the papers to promote Persian literature and Iranian- Islamic culture and papers will be available to the interested. The papers should contain all of the following conditions:

  A. Scientific Conditions:

  1. The paper must be original research, analytic and the same author or authors study.

  2. The paper should follow the scientific method and the resources must be valid and original.

  Note: Firstly, the paper is recived, then it will be evaluated by the jury, after reciving the views of the editorial board and if it gains the enough scores and preference, it will be published.


  B: Writing conditions:

  1. Article writing should have correct structure and principles of rhetoric.

  2. The title should be short and clear.

  3. Authors name along with academic degree, address and work address (E. mail) must be written. (telephone number of the official correspondence must be mentioned).

  4. Maximal of Persian abstract must be fifteen line (150 to 200 words).

  5. Maximal of Persian keywords must be six words.

  6. The paper should contain and clear and exact introduction to the reader will be ready to enter main subject.

  7. The background of the study should be written.

  8. In the main text, the subject of the paper should be clear and comprehensive.

  9. The paper should be include an correct conclusion.

  10. Maximal of the English abstract should be 15 lines (150-200 word).

  11. Maximal of English keyword should be six words.

  12. Authors name along with academic degree, address and work address should be written in English.

  13. References in the main text should be authors name, the year of publication, (in bracket) and page number; for instance (zarinkub, 1370: 254).

  14. Final resources shall be as follows:

  A. Book:

  Last name, first name, year of publication (in parent, esses) the name of the book, time of the published, translator or correctors name, place of publication, the name of publisher.

  B. Journal:

  Last name, first name, year of publication (in parentheses) title of article, journal name, volume number, article pages (from page to page)

  C. Collection articles

  Last name, first name, (the last date), title, name of collection articles, place of publication, the name of publisher

  15. Maximal pages of the article should be 20 pages and each page should be arranged in 23 lines.

  16. Author should be in wxp word Blotus 13 and it should be sent through ( ).

  17. Proper names, latin idions, should be written after Persian equivalents in parentheses in the main text of the article

  18. Articles of the theses must be approved by the supervisors

  19. The article should not be published or presented in any conferencesor journals.


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